KMS Encryption of Autoscaled Instance Volumes

A lot of effort is put into securing the file system of your servers, and security can be brought into question if volumes are not being encrypted. This can be a challenge with autoscaled instance groups and encrypted AMIs. Whenever I created an autoscaled application, I would apply the necessary permissions to the launch configuration through a role1, only to have instances go into a starting stage and then shut down. [Read More]

AWS Administration Cookbook

Big shout-out to Rowan Udell and Lucas Chan who have released their new book AWS Administration Cookbook today. I had the pleasure of reviewing it; if you’re in development or ops and want to know how to professionally build infrastructure at scale in AWS I highly recommend purchasing this book. The guys provide clear recipes that are backed by Cloudformation templates so that you can create the projects easily, understanding exactly what is going on and have you managing groups of AWS accounts concurrently. [Read More]
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