AWS Administration Cookbook

Big shout-out to Rowan Udell and Lucas Chan who have released their new book AWS Administration Cookbook today. I had the pleasure of reviewing it; if you’re in development or ops and want to know how to professionally build infrastructure at scale in AWS I highly recommend purchasing this book. The guys provide clear recipes that are backed by Cloudformation templates so that you can create the projects easily, understanding exactly what is going on and have you managing groups of AWS accounts concurrently.


  • Discover the best practices to achieve an automated repeatable infrastructure in AWS,
  • Bring down your IT costs by managing AWS successfully and deliver high availability, fault tolerance, and scalability,
  • Make any website faster with static and dynamic caching,
  • Create monitoring and alerting dashboards using CloudWatch,
  • Migrate a database to AWS,
  • Set up consolidated billing to achieve simple and effective cost management with accounts,
  • Host a domain and find out how you can automate health checks

AWS Administration Cookbook is available from Packt Publishing and Amazon.

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