AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty: Exam Notes and Observations

TLDR: here are my study notes. Over the last few months I’ve been studying for the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam. This is my sixth AWS certification and so far the most challenging. When deciding which of the specialty exams to do the Advanced Networking seemed the most applicable to my career. In a previous article I covered the process of studying for the DevOps professional exam and went over my background. [Read More]

AWS Devops Engineer Professional Certification: How I got there

In my off-time I’ve been studying for the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification (exam blueprints can be found here). I have the SysOps Associate Certification and I wanted to keep pushing and learn as much as I could about the world’s leading cloud platform. Finally, last Monday I sat the exam and passed! Given this I’ll go over my exam preparation and tips, the impressions I had of it and hopefully yield some useful insights for anyone in preparation mode for this exam. [Read More]